Treatments during pregnancy

Treatments during pregnancy

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Enjoy changes

The development of a child in your body is something magical. Despite the magic, each pregnancy can bring along its various health-related restrictions.

Medical massages done regularly throughout the entire nine months can help to alleviate symptoms that may arise. Each appointment can be adjusted to your personal needs and discomforts.

After a consultation with your doctor, manual lymphatic drainage sessions can be done to reduce water retention. This will relieve heavy, tired legs and supplement the effect of compression tights.

Due to the change in posture, uncomfortable back pains or discomfort in the feet can occur. In this case, a medical massage can remove blockages and reduce muscular tension.

Consult your insurance company which services can be refunded. Many additional health insurances cover certain therapies for pregnancy and maternity.

Already a Mum?

It is essential to prevent muscular imbalance and poor posture. Carry your child by alternating both sides. Try not to develop an abnormal pattern of posture and give your body as much change as possible. One-sided carrying can lead to blockages in the lower back and spine resulting in limiting pain syndromes.

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