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Take a break

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The Swiss are hardworking people. The demands and expectations of employers are high and the competition is fierce.

Through my work as a therapist, I am confronted with the follow-up symptoms of stress in my patients on a daily base. It is developing into a disease of civilization and is increasingly being diagnosed. Headache, chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system, tinnitus and insomnia are only a few of the known symptoms that can occur due to stress.


Complaint or lifestyle

The word “stress” is used excessively. However, it is not always applied in its true sense. It seems that the human being in his economic status is no longer important if he cannot answer a simple question of how he is doing without using the word “stressed”. In the long term this attitude can be very unhealthy.

Now, at the end of the year, this blog is intended to attract attention and bring readers back to themselves. In everyday life, it is not always necessary to do everything “quickly”. Putting oneself under pressure is harmful to the mental wellbeing and ultimately also to one’s health.


In order to master every day successfully, it is important to have enough sleep. If stress follows you to bed, the following can help:

  • Cold “kneipping” directly before going to bed (see Blog “Kneipp for vital legs”)
  • Avoid mobile phones and laptops at least one hour before going to bed
  • Take magnesium in the evening, this releases tension in the body


A healthy body is robust. At the end of the year, many pre-Christmas events take place outside of work hours. As a result, the healthy lifestyle is left behind somewhere. Nevertheless, try to keep your body strong with simple things. For example, drink a glass of lemon infused water after getting up every morning. This reduces the acidity of the body and supports it with vitamins.

It is important to recognize your own pattern. Where does most of the pressure lie? What could be avoided? Timeouts must be planned and should not be a luxury. Even spending a cosy evening at home can do wonders in this busy time.

Plan ahead and book your me-time for next year! With different treatments, such as craniosacral therapy or foot reflexology, the body and mind can regenerate. On www.oliviagrace.ch you can reserve your appointments comfortably using the online booking system.