Scar therapy 1400 933 Olivia Grace

Scar therapy

A scar can be physical and mental disruption to our body. Known symptoms can be…

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Manual lymphatic drainage 1400 933 Olivia Grace

Manual lymphatic drainage

The main function of the lymphatic system is to absorb and drain excess fluid from…

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Foot reflexology 1400 933 Olivia Grace

Foot reflexology

With this foot treatment, reflex points are stimulated. Each region of the body is represented…

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Scar therapy coaching 1000 667 Olivia Grace

Scar therapy coaching

Olivia Grace Therapien offers customised scar therapy to patients after all surgical procedures. In order…

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Classical / medical massage 1400 933 Olivia Grace

Classical / medical massage

The term “massage” is understood as a mechanical, usually performed manually, treatment of the skin,…

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Pregnancy Massage 1400 933 Olivia Grace

Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy, the body goes through a lot of changes. In addition to the anticipation…

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