Scar therapy

Scar therapy

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A scar can be physical and mental disruption to our body. Known symptoms can be itching sensations, pain or psychological discomfort and can occur even years after the cause. This method is an essential part of the post-surgical/post-trauma therapy.


The goal of this treatment is to improve the healing process of the wound, to form a soft and flexible scar tissue, to prevent adhesions and to process any mental or emotional strain. Symptoms such as pain or sensitivity disorders can be treated with this therapy.


After operations it is very important to treat these areas with a combination of scar treatment and manual lymphatic drainage. This will prevent shrinking and pulling of the scar tissue and any connected limitation of mobility.


Prior to the treatment there will be a consultation to clarify the patients’ individual needs and to create a personalized therapy.



  • After operations due to fractures, muscles, tendons or ligaments
  • After operations due to cancer or other illnesses
  • After injuries
  • After giving birth by c-section
  • After operations for plastic surgery
  • With old and disturbing scars
  • and more….