Scar therapy coaching

Scar therapy coaching

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Olivia Grace Therapien offers customised scar therapy to patients after all surgical procedures.
In order to increase the success of the healing process, it is essential that patients treat the scar themselves on a daily basis. That is why we now offer one on one online scar treatment coaching in German and English.

During the first session, the patient’s scar and needs are examined in detail, then a personalised therapy routine is developed for the patient to perform in the comfort of their home. This includes appropriate tools, products and instructions for mobilisation exercises. In follow-up sessions, the progression of the treatment is supervised and reviewed together with the patient.

Before the first session, the scar is captured on camera by the patient. The images will be analysed by Olivia Grace Therapies and discussed during the coaching. No live images of the affected body parts are required during the online sessions.


Prices & Payment:

– CHF 140 / hour
– First and second session in general about 60 minutes
– Duration of follow-up sessions adapted according to needs
– Payment by invoice



– Treatment possible on old & new scars
– Pain in the vicinity of the scar
– Radiating pain
– Adhesions in the region of the scar
– Numbness
– Foreign body sensation in the area of the scar
– Restriction of movement
– Trauma symptoms and anxiety about touching the scar
– Aesthetic reasons


Your advantages:

– Improved circulation
– Pain relief
– Improved flexibility and mobility
– Reduced sensitivity disorders
– Improved body consciousness and body sensation
– Trauma therapy
– Improved overall appearance of the scar tissue
– Flexible appointment slots – even during off-peak hours
– Patients can be coached from the comfort of their home
– We offer professionalism and discretion