Scar Therapy after Breastcancer

Scar Therapy after Breastcancer

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An operation on the female breast or even a complete removal is usually a profound event in a woman’s life. Not only the physical but also the emotional toll that such an operation can take should not be underestimated.

Regardless of whether the patient’s personal therapy plan includes a breast reconstruction or just optimal scar tissue healing, a coordinated scar therapy supports both the physical recovery and the patient’s self-esteem.

Every type of reconstruction technic can bring challenges. Patients using silicone for reconstruction often have difficulty to get used to the new unknown shape, firmness and temperature of the breast at first. When reconstructing with your own tissue however, one must be aware that several scars will be left on the body, as the tissue to be used will be taken either from the abdominal, groin or buttock area.

Both surgical methods usually require several procedures until a symmetrical appearance of the breasts is restored.

In order to support optimal breast reconstruction and good scar healing, scar treatment after a mastectomy or removal of breast cancer can be very useful for the patient and addresses various post-operative and post-traumatic symptoms simultaneously.


Advantages of scar treatment:

  • The scar tissue becomes flexible and soft. Unpleasant pain, sensory disturbances and pulling sensations can be reduced. This also applies to the treatment of older scars!
  • In addition to psycho-oncology, scar treatment can be a great help in coping with trauma. Through this therapy and the instruction for individual self-treatment, the body awareness for the affected area is strengthened and psychological stress is processed.
  • In the development of this treatment, therapeutic methods were combined with relaxing massage techniques. Therefore the well-being of the patient is central and has a positive effect on the recovery at the same time.


Advantages for the patient:

  • Before the treatment personal needs are clarified during a consultation and the treatment is individually adapted to the existing complaints and the patient’s wishes.
  • Online scar-therapy coaching is also available for patients living outside the canton or further away. More information:
  • The scar therapy offered by Olivia Grace Therapies is recommended by various surgeons and clinics in central Switzerland and accompanies their patients on their way to mental and physical recovery.


Olivia Grace Schürpf will be happy to answer your questions about scar therapy at any time