Online scar coaching with Olivia Grace Therapien

Online scar coaching with Olivia Grace Therapien

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In order to successfully recover from a serious operation, extensive rehabilitation is required. If possible, in a rehabilitation clinic or at home with ambulant therapies. But what happens after the end of this treatment phase? Patients often feel abandoned with their remaining complaints. Scar or strain related pain as well as adhesions or swellings are the most frequent complaints seen in our practice.

Olivia Grace Therapy offers patients customised online scar coaching after all surgical procedures. This offer is available in German and English and is especially suitable for immobile or patients outside the canton.

In order to increase the chances of success of a scar healing process, it is essential that patients treat the scar themselves on a daily basis.

Through a detailed diagnostic examination, the complaints and the needs of the patients are discussed and an individual treatment concept is put together for the patient at home. This includes the appropriate tools, products and instructions for mobilisation exercises. In follow-up sessions, progress checkups are carried out together with the patients and, if necessary, exercises are adapted.

Before the first session, the scar is photographed by the patient. The images will be analyzed by Olivia Grace Therapies and discussed during the coaching. No live images of the affected body parts are required during the online coaching.

Olivia Grace Schürpf is an expert for postoperative therapies and specialises in scar therapy for patients from the fields of oncology (especially breast cancer patients), orthopaedics and plastic surgery.

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