Home-made remedies for minor injuries

Home-made remedies for minor injuries

Home-made remedies for minor injuries 960 720 Olivia Grace

Effective first aid

Did you have a misstep during a run or a fall during garden work? A contusion or an overstretch can occur every once in a while, during our daily activities. With simple home-made “first aid” remedies you can prevent further damage after an injury.

Low-fat quark – the savior!

Most people use low-fat quark in their healthy diet routine or as a protein base after sports. However only a few know that you can use it after acute injuries as an effective first aid. Through its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties, a compress with low-fat quark diminishes and sooths all soft tissue injuries such as contusions or sprains. (Important! Not to be used on open wounds!)


Materials needed:

  • A large pot of low-fat quark (do not apply directly from the fridge!)
  • 1 roll of paper kitchen towel
  • 1x spoon
  • 1x large and 1x medium sized towel


  1. Spread out the large towel on the bed or sofa, depending on the injury (The towel can be folded twice to prevent dampness leaking through)
  2. Spread out 1cm of low-fat quark on a piece of paper towel (make sure you use two sheets of paper if it’s a thin type)
  3. With the quark facing down, lay the kitchen towel on the area of concern.
  4. Now wrap the area with a medium sized towel and let it rest UNTIL it no longer feels cool. Depending on the injury this can take about 4-8 minutes. (Always remove it BEFORE it gets warm, otherwise it is not effective.)
  5. Now remove the crumbly left overs of the low-fat quark with a paper towel and repeat these steps a few times until the inflammation symptoms are reduced. After an injury, you can do this treatment several times a day for a few days.

Nature is the best pharmacy“ Sebastian Kneipp

To support the healing process of the injury you can apply anti-inflammatory products after this application. It is recommended to use:

  • Arnica ointment
  • Comfrey Gel