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Healthy working

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Nowadays, sitting in front of the screen is unavoidable. Office workers spend many hours each day in the same position at their workplace. It is known, that everything that is done excessively is harmful to the health. Nowadays back problems are already regarded as a “civilization disease” and raise health costs. Healthy ergonomics is defined as the adaptation of working environments to people, but reality often proves the opposite.


The interaction of muscles

We have different muscle groups, some tend to shorten and others weaken if they are not used efficiently. Both conditions can lead to painful muscular tensions and additional complaints.

Working on the computer results in muscular imbalances, especially around the thorax. If you don’t sit upright and let your shoulders slouch forward, you end up with a hunched back which leads to shortening of the chest muscle. This condition pulls the shoulder further and further downwards, which can lead to strain in the shoulder girdle and negatively affects the position of the head (especially whilst working at the computer). The neck muscles are compressed and encourages the development of trigger points and headaches.


The key to health is diversity

Some companies invest in the health of employees and provide stand-up desks. The switch between sitting and standing relieves the muscles and improves the blood circulation. Ideally, the position of the table should be changed after half a day.

A stand up desk should be adjusted to the correct height, i. e. shoulder joint minus the length of the upper arm. The arm should only partially rest on the table and should allow for a relaxed position of the shoulder.

Important: Always stand centred and on both legs. The pelvis should not be tilted forwards or backwards or be pushed sideways. This would lead to a dysbalance in the lumbar area and would result in back and neck pain.


Stretching Challenge for a healthy back

We would like to launch a stretching challenge to help you create a pain-free work environment. You only have to invest two minutes a day!

Throughout March we will post simple stretches with instructions and pictures every week on our Facebook & Instagram account.

Have fun trying it out!


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