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Health – make it a lifestyle

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This blog is all about health. We find that maintaining our well-being should not necessarily only be a physical matter, but should also be fun and enjoyable. Health should not only be a phase or an extreme regime to lose a few kilos, but rather be an entire lifestyle. Today we talk about the weight loss hype, the difficulties of absorbing nutrients and report about a new sports and nutrition platform in Zug. For the latter, we held an exciting interview with Najomi Godenzi – owner of nature bound, personal trainer and food-enthusiast – and discussed her views on the food trend.


The beauty hype

You get a six-pack when you drink that protein shake from the advert. You can also get it if you stick on some electrodes, get “zapped”, take the right tablets and apply a specific body cream three times a day. Most likely the waist will also shrink if you don’t eat any carbohydrates at all – because they are bad. Well, at least that’s what the advertising says.

Statements like these are not only misleading, but can also trigger unwanted physical reactions. The hype about losing weight, a beautiful appearance and the glorious six-packs is a real jungle of offers, promises and edited media. As a non-professional it is important to critically analyse advertising and always focus on health as your first priority.

The basic conditions for a healthy lifestyle are: A lot of self-love, some exercise, conscious regeneration and a balanced diet.


The problem with the intake of nutrients

Due to increasing work-pressure it is not always easy to maintain a healthy diet. Our breaks usually suffer first from urgent deadlines and full work schedules. The result is fast eating and convenience food.

Our digestion begins in the mouth. By chewing, we do not only break down our food, but also split the nutrients into their individual components. This makes it easier for the body to digest and absorb food. In addition, increased chewing triggers a feeling of satiety in the brain after a short time and protects us from overeating. “Fast eaters” with tight schedules do not only suffer from a lower intake of nutrients, they also often overeat themselves.

Our recommendation: take lunch and snacks with you from home, plan at least 30 minutes for lunch, switch off the telephone and enjoy your food in the fresh air.  Conscious eating leads to less indigestion and the break outside will help you to stay focused in the afternoon.

Making health a lifestyle

First steps are difficult, but it is never too late to work on your good habits. Sport should not be a burden but fun and enjoyable. Already at a young age Najomi Godenzi had to learn the hard way how important a healthy lifestyle is. With the founding of nature bound, a local platform for sports and “foodies”, the 30-year-old from Steinhausen has fulfilled a dream.

Hello Najomi, please tell us something about yourself first:

“Hi! I’ve been a sports- and nutrition-enthusiast for a long time and love helping others. When I’m not in training, I like working on new recipes or spending time with my dog in nature. My passion for sports and a healthy lifestyle come from a history of depression and overweight, resulting in eating disorders. Today, I try to focus on the really important things in life and always try to have fun. That’s why I founded my nature bound platform a year ago to help other people lead healthy lifestyles.”

What does Nature Bound offer?

“The motto of my company is – bringing the fun back into fitness and food. My vision is to create a platform where people can come together and achieve their individual health and fitness goals in a pleasant, friendly and welcoming environment.

Most commercial gyms are crowded and intimidating, while many personal trainers do not understand the needs and goals of their clients. nature bound offers entertaining indoor and outdoor group classes and personal training as well as delicious culinary ideas. We also organise a monthly free “climb & wine” hike where you can get out into nature in a small community, breathe fresh air and get to know each other while exercising. And because it’s not always about a strict health routine, we also treat ourselves to a glass of wine with our meal.”

You are opening your own gym in Baar now -what does it offer?

“That’s right. Open house is on Saturday, 1rst of December 2018. Everyone is welcome to drop by to see the premises and to get to know me. From 3rd – 7th of December I will give 10 free introductory courses. In order to secure a place, participants must register with me directly via telephone or email.

Afterwards several times a week small group courses will take place with a limited number of ten participants. It is important to me that everyone who entrusts themselves to me receives my full attention and feels comfortable with me. Group courses should not lead to individual difficulties. If for example someone suffers from knee or back pain or does not dare to do an exercise, I can approach this together with the client. From Monday to Friday morning there is a HIT training from 6.30 – 7.15 a.m. which focuses on endurance as well as strength training. From Monday to Friday evening there are various training sessions, ranging from mobility and flexibility to hard 60-minute full-body training. I am convinced that there is something for everyone. But if you want to compete with others, you are out of place, here you are your only competitor.

If group training is not for you or if you have a specific goal in mind and can’t get any further on your own, then I also offer personal training. Together we determine what works best for you in your situation. Whether in sports or in nutrition.

The main philosophy is to have fun and get fit at the same time in a friendly, relaxed and competition-free environment.

My goal is to provide my clients with a full range of sports activities by teaming up with local trainers/instructors. Be it by joining nature bound or renting my gym. Interested parties are welcome to contact me!”

Do you personally follow a certain diet?

“I am a vegan and I try to divide my calories into approx. 15-20% proteins, 70-75% carbohydrates and 10% fats for each meal. I found something that works very well for my body type and that makes me feel good. Im a big believer in “everything in moderation” and little to no restrictions!”

What role does nutrition play in relation to sports for you?

“Nutrition is a key factor! Without the appropriate diet, you can spend hours in the gym or running in the woods and see little to no results. It is important to know what to eat before, during and after exercise. What you eat determines how well you sleep, how quickly you recover and therefore how much energy you have!”

This year you participated in the incredible Atacama Crossing race in Chile and completed 250km. Where do you get the energy you need for your sport?

“I make sure that I follow a healthy diet, drink enough water and plan my training and recovery time correctly. Training without recovery is counterproductive, so I focus on regular sleeping, stretching, massages and replenishing my energy in nature. But what is just as important is the true motivation – to find your personal drive – not what society or your environment expects from you. What gets you out of bed in the morning?”

How do you feel about isotonic sports drinks and protein shakes and where do you see issues?

“Isotonic drinks are not designed for daily use (you will find people drinking Gatorade for lunch) – the sugar content is extremely high to overcome the salty taste. Isotonic drinks are designed for top athletes and people who exercise intensively for at least 90 minutes or more. The same applies to protein shakes – if the average person has a healthy and balanced diet, he or she has no need for protein shakes. I would only recommend one if you are only consuming a fruit smoothie for breakfast or if you don’t have any possibilities to eat within an hour after a hard workout.

But be sure to choose healthy protein powders. Check for calories, fat and sugar. Since I can’t always go home right after training, I prepare a fruit smoothie with banana, almond milk and vegan “all-in-one” protein powder. This provides me with the necessary vitamins, minerals and probiotics and is super easy to digest.”


From December 2018, you can use the training facilities of Najomi Godenzi and nature boundat the new premises at Haldenstrasse 5 in Baar.

Further information and the latest news regarding courses, trial classes and individual trainings can be found on and their Facebook page!

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