DIY – Kneipping for energized legs!

DIY – Kneipping for energized legs!

DIY – Kneipping for energized legs! 1600 1600 Olivia Grace

The tricks of past generations

While the Greeks and Romans had previously established know-how of hydrotherapy as a healing method, Sebastian Kneipp became famous through the re-discovery of the therapeutic effect of cold- and warm water treatments in the 19th century.

The daily application of cold water to the legs can promote a regenerating and relieving effect for the body. Even if it is slightly challenging at the beginning, the results from this simple task are impressive!

“If there will be a cure for me, it will be water”

Sebastian Kneipp

Would you like to have:

  • a better regeneration after sports?
  • an improved venous return of the blood?
  • no more heavy, tired legs after a day at the office table?
  • stronger and firmer connective tissue?
  • strengthen your immune system?

This is how it works:

  1. After your warm shower or bath hold the shower head in your hand.
  2. Adjust the water to the coldest temperature possible.
  3. Whilst standing, make sure you hold the shower head about 10cm away from the body. Let the water run over the back of your right foot, move up along the outside of the calf until you have reached your knee.
  4. In a constant back and forth motion, hover the showerhead over your knee for a few seconds.
  5. Guide the water flow along the inside of your calf back down until you reach the foot again.
  6. Repeat this on the left leg and finish with the soles of your feet.
  7. To enhance the effect of this task, wipe off the water from the leg with your hands. (Dry well between the toes!)

The cold water has a toning and strengthening effect on the veins and lymphatic vessels. This is especially helpful for a better regeneration after sports.

In order to prevent or treat headaches or migraines this exercise can be done on a daily basis.

In the morning, this application can energize the body, whereas in the evening it can be done before going to bed for a better sleep.

Important! No cold-water applications on the legs when you are suffering from kidney- or bladder infections, illnesses in the lower abdomen, painful syndromes around the sacrum, sciatic pain, lumbago or menstruation.