Brushing for energy

Brushing for energy

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In order to fight fatigue and support the new year resolutions, the immune system needs some strengthening and the body and mind need to be activated. In this blog we would like to revive an old technique called “Brushing”, commonly known as dry brushing. In Finland, birch branches are used for this purpose, the Japanese prefer luffah gloves and the native Americans even used dried corn cobs for this purpose.


The “third kidney”

The skin is our largest organ. With an area of approximately two square metres, it has important functions such as mechanical protection, temperature regulation and sensory perception. It is also our largest detoxification organ.

With dry brushing we can stimulate detoxification and strengthen the immune system as well as activate the body and mind. To feel the benefits of this technique, it should be applied daily, preferably in the morning, on dry skin.


– Activates the circulation and the nervous system

– Through increased blood circulation, body parts such as feet and hands are warmed up.

– Activates and supports the lymphatic flow

– Dead skin cells are removed, which leads to a better elimination of toxins from the skin.



Brush dry skin for 5 minutes every morning with long repeated strokes and little pressure!

The following sequence will give you the desired results:

  1. right leg outside, from foot to hip
  2. right leg inside, from foot to groin
  3. circular movements over the right buttock
  4. left leg outside, from foot to hip
  5. left leg inside, from foot to groin
  6. circular movements over the left buttock
  7. right arm outside, from hand to shoulder
  8. left arm outside, from hand to shoulder
  9. stomach circular movements clockwise
  10. from navel to neckline and shoulder joint, left and right.
  11. for very flexible people, from shoulder blade to buttocks and back down to feet, both legs.

Brushes can be purchased online from one of many suppliers. Simply google “Trockenbürste kaufen Schweiz”