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The spectrum of Boeger therapy makes it possible to positively influence the fascial system in all stages of life. It covers the fields of prevention to rehabilitation. Boeger therapy can optimize healing and rehabilitation processes in all phases of a therapeutic intervention, both after surgical and conservative courses of disease.

Systemic Scar Therapy, developed by David Boeger, provides a technique for both diagnosing and therapeutically releasing scars and inflammation-related adhesions as part of physiotherapy. The release of visible and invisible scar tissue is successful regardless of age, size, depth and type of scar. Once the scars and adhesions are released with Manual Scar Therapy, the patient can free himself from his protective posture. The technique in Systemic Scar Therapy is individually adapted to the patient’s connective tissue. After only a few minutes, it is already possible to check whether the chosen method brings the desired success. The result can be felt and measured immediately by both patient and therapist.



  • External, internal and emotional scars
  • After cancer & radiotherapy
  • After all surgical interventions
  • Complaints of the musculoskeletal system
  • Strains and diseases of the internal organs
  • Digestive problems
  • Menstrual problems
  • Strains and diseases of the blood circulation
  • Fertility / Pregnancy / Postnatal
  • In case of pain during sexual intercourse
  • Headache / migraine / tinnitus
  • And much more…