In 2003, whilst living in Bangkok, Olivia Grace Schürpf completed her first studies and work experience as a massage therapist. Fascinated by the possibilities to treat people through a holistic approach she returned to Switzerland to complete schooling in skin and body care. She then built up her career whilst working in international spas and health centres in cities like Monte-Carlo, London and Zurich. In order to strengthen her success, and based on her philosophy to approach and treat the human body in a holistic way, she then completed medical massage school in Switzerland and graduated with national certificates.

With experience in the rehabilitation of patients with orthopaedic, oncological, cardio and neurological complaints, she has a wide range of therapeutic options for her patients. She specialises in post-operative therapies such as manual lymph drainage and scar therapy. Patients who are not local can benefit from her online scar coaching. In addition, she offers therapeutic care during and after pregnancy.

With her practice, this open-minded, empathetic and bilingual therapist (UK/CH) has created a place for holistic regeneration. The ideal combination between therapy and well-being allows her patients physical and mental recovery.

As a therapist, her professional and personal development is extremely important to her, therefore she enrolls herself annually into programmes that are offered by EduQua certified institutions to enhance her skills.